Welcome to the Cairo Genizah Collection of the Bodleian libraries

The collection of Cairo Genizah fragments held at the Bodleian Libraries is one of the major collections of its kind. Acquired over the years since 1890 it consists of about 4,000 fragments. The collection, skilfully selected and featuring Bible, Early Rabbinic literature, liturgical fragments, legal documents and letters, both personal and commercial, is particularly remarkable for the size of many of the documents. The 4,000 fragments comprise about 25,000 pages, amounting to over six pages per fragment, an average unparalleled elsewhere.

The online catalogue is based upon the printed catalogue of the Hebrew manuscripts in the Bodleian Library (second volume) by Adolf Neubauer and Arthur Ernest Cowley (1906) and the typewritten catalogue of additional Genizah fragments by Arthur Ernest Cowley (ca 1929).

Collection Statistics

3764 Fragments