MS. Heb. d. 66/10

Gregorian: 1075


Cowley Catalogue number: 2878

Part of volume:

MS. Heb. d. 66

Physical Description:

Oriental char‎.‎‎;‎ paper ‎,‎ injured and stained‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. Prof. Sayce, 1896 (from the Genizah).

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Deeds, in Arabic


10a - 10b
10a 10b


Main language: Judeo-Arabic.

a Deed‎,‎ in Arabic‎,‎ dissolving partnership and settling all claims of משה בר משה הידוע בן מגאן against ר̇ מבחר הזקן ביר̇ צדקה נ̇ע̇ ‎(‎who signs‎)‎‎.‎ The end is cut off‎,‎ but the date must be earlier than that of ‎(‎b‎)‎
b Location 10b. (MS_Heb_d_66_10b)verso ‎,‎ a deed‎,‎ in Arabic‎,‎ dated Thursday the 26th of Elul, 1386 Sel. ‎=‎ 1075 A.D. ‎,‎ before the Nagid יהודה בר̇ סעדיה ז̇ע̇ל̇ ‎,‎ at Fostat‎,‎ showing that ר̇ יצחק ביר̇ מסאפר בן פינחס נ̇ע̇ ידיע בן תבת, ר̇ יוסף בר עבדאללה בן זריק and א[בו נ]צר ר̇ אברהם הלוי ביר̇ נציר אלמליגי appeared before the ב̇ד̇ to settle a question of inheritance in property at מליג ‎.‎ It was decided that Isaac must pay Abraham his claim‎.‎
b End missing‎.‎ Obliterated‎;‎ scribbling‎.‎ The deed is evidently later than the scribbling‎,‎ which is most probably later than the recto‎.‎ There are many corrections‎;‎ apparently a rough copy‎.‎


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