Volume: MS. Heb. f. 31

MS. Heb. f. 31/6 contains:


MS. Heb. f. 31/6

Cowley Catalogue number: 2718

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MS. Heb. f. 31

Physical Description:

Syr‎.‎ Rabb‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ ‎8‎vo‎,‎ paper ‎,‎ some folios injured and stained‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. G. J. Chester, 1891 (from the Genizah).

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62a - 70b
62a 70b


The main language is Hebrew. Other languages included: Aramaic.

a ‎(‎ Location 62a. (MS_Heb_f_31_62a)fol. 62 ‎)‎ beg‎.‎ missing ‎(‎‎?‎‎)‎‎,‎ beg‎.‎ ר̇ הב לחמא לאנשא ועשבא ‎;‎
b ‎(‎ Location from 62b to 65a. (MS_Heb_f_31_62b)fol. 62b ‎)‎ beg‎.‎ אהבה. בריתך. גאולה ‎,‎ ‎(‎א̇ב̇‎)‎‎,‎ followed by דעני ‎,‎ more than in the printed text‎;‎
b Location 65b. (MS_Heb_f_31_65b)fol. 65b ‎,‎ אוהביך שוכני עפר ‎;‎ באנשי כנסת הגדולה ‎;‎
b Location from 66a to 67a. (MS_Heb_f_31_66a)fol. 66 ‎,‎ למה יאמרו הגוים ‎;‎ אדון הסליחות ... אם לא תאֿריך אפך ‎;‎
b Location 67b. (MS_Heb_f_31_67b)fol. 67b ‎,‎ another דעני ‎;‎
b Location from 68a to 69a. (MS_Heb_f_31_68a)fol. 68 ‎,‎ ר̇ אֿיתרצי למילי פומן ‎;‎ למען אֿיש צדיק ‎;‎
b Location from 69b to 69a. (MS_Heb_f_31_69b)fol. 69b ‎,‎ אלהי אל תאֿבד ‎;‎
b Location from 70a to 70b. (MS_Heb_f_31_70a)fol. 70 ‎,‎ ר̇ חטאן רח̇ אסכילנא ‎,‎ incomplete‎.‎


  • Liturgy. סליחות.