MS. Heb. b. 13/7

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MS. Heb. b. 13

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Syr‎.‎ Rabb‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ sm‎.‎ ‎4‎to‎,‎ vellum ‎,‎ much injured‎.‎

a‎,‎ b part of the same as No‎.‎ 2827, 17 ‎.‎


From the Genizah, 1899.

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Fragments of Midrash בראשית רבה


12a - 14b
12a 14b


The main language is Hebrew. Other languages included: Classical Syriac.

Hebrew, Palestinian Syriac

a Location 12a. (MS_Heb_b_13_12a)(fol. 12) Midrash בראשית רבה, fol. 79c, line 5 (א̇ ר̇ יוחנן) to fol. 80a, line 18 (את גמלת)
b Location 13a. (MS_Heb_b_13_13a)(fol. 13) Midrash בראשית רבה, fol. 81b, line 29 (מישין) to fol. 82a, line 12 (נפשי וגו̇)
c Location 14a. (MS_Heb_b_13_14a)(fol. 14) Small fragments of Babylonian Talmud מנחות
All palimpsest‎;‎ the lower writing contains ‎(‎ Location 12a. (MS_Heb_b_13_12a)fol. 12 ‎)‎ Lam. i. 10 to 18 ‎,‎ and ‎(‎ Location 13a. (MS_Heb_b_13_13a)fol. 13 ‎)‎ Jer. lii. 22 sqq. in Palestinian Syriac‎.‎


  • Bible. Versions. Anonymous. Palestinian Syriac: Jeremiah.
  • Bible. Versions. Anonymous. Palestinian Syriac: Jeremiah.
  • Midrash. רבה; בראשית.
  • Palestinian Syriac fragments.
  • Palimpsest fragments.
  • Talmud, Babli. מנחות.