MS. Heb. d. 44/17

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MS. Heb. d. 44

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Text‎,‎ Syr‎.‎ Rabb‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ list of books‎,‎ Syr‎.‎ cursive char‎.‎‎;‎ fol‎.‎‎,‎ paper ‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. G. J. Chester, 1892 (from the Genizah).

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Arabic translation of Haftaroth with a commentary (תפסיר אלאפאטיר)


83a - 84b
83a 84b


Main language: Judeo-Arabic.

a ‎(‎ Location 83b. (MS_Heb_d_44_83b)fol. 83b ‎)‎ Isaiah xlii‎.‎ ‎1‎ to ‎4‎ ‎(‎for section בראשית‎)‎
b ‎(‎ Location 84a. (MS_Heb_d_44_84a)fol. 84 ‎)‎ Isaiah xli‎.‎ ‎8‎ to ‎1‎‎7‎ ‎(‎for section לך לך‎)‎
c ‎(‎ Location 84b. (MS_Heb_d_44_84b)fol. 84b ‎)‎ 2 Kings iv‎.‎ ‎1‎‎,‎ only the text of the first verse ‎(‎וירא אליו‎)‎


  • collected by R‎.‎ Joseph ראש הסדר son of R. Jacob ראש בירבנן ‎,‎ at צוען in the year 1522 Sel. ‎(‎ 1211 A.D. ‎)‎‎,‎ from the commentaries of R‎.‎ Isaac אלכנזי on the first Prophets‎,‎ on Jeremiah and Minor Prophets by R‎.‎ Berachel ‎,‎ on Ezekiel by Josiah ben חסכוי ‎,‎ and on Isaiah by Seadiah Gaon ‎,‎ this is prepared for publication by M‎.‎ J‎.‎ Derenbourg‎.‎ At end a short description of medical works most likely in possession of the scribe or of an owner‎;‎ mostly of medical contents‎.‎ See the facsimiles‎.‎


  • Bible. Versions. Anonymous. Arabic: Haftaroth.
  • Bible. Commentaries. Anonymous. Arabic: Haftaroth.
  • Lists of books.
  • Berakhel. Commentary on Jeremiah and the Minor Prophets. (extracts).
  • Isaac אלכנזי. Commentary on the former prophets. Extracts.
  • Josiah b. חסכוי. Commentary on Ezekiel. Extracts.