MS. Heb. f. 56/1

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MS. Heb. f. 56

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Syr‎.‎ curs‎.‎ char‎.‎ ‎(‎by various hands‎)‎‎;‎ ‎1‎‎2‎mo‎,‎ vellum and paper ‎,‎ injured and stained‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. Prof. Sayce, 1896 (from the Genizah).

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Various fragments


1a - 19b
1a 19b


The main language is Hebrew. Other languages included: Judeo-Arabic, Aramaic.

a the text of Exodus xx. 12-26 in shorthand writing with vowel points ‎(‎see No. 2820, 1 ‎)‎
b Location 1b. (MS_Heb_f_56_1b)(fol. 1b) a calendar beg‎.‎ מחזר ר̇ס̇א̇ ‎,‎ continued on ff‎.‎ Location 4a. (MS_Heb_f_56_4a)4 ‎,‎ Location 5a. (MS_Heb_f_56_5a)5
c Location 2a. (MS_Heb_f_56_2a)(fol. 2) fragment, mostly illegible, of a letter in Arabic concerning a money transaction
d Location 2b. (MS_Heb_f_56_2b)(ff. 2b, 3) the Targum of Exodus xix. 21 to xx. 21 in shorthand writing with some vowel points‎:‎ the last three verses are repeated on fol‎.‎ Location 6a. (MS_Heb_f_56_6a)6 ‎;‎ ff‎.‎ Location 4a. (MS_Heb_f_56_4a)4 ‎,‎ Location 5a. (MS_Heb_f_56_5a)5 ‎,‎ continuation of Location 1b. (MS_Heb_f_56_1b)fol. 1b
e Location 6b. (MS_Heb_f_56_6b)(fol. 6b) headed קדוס פסח ‎,‎ with ‎(‎ Location 7b. (MS_Heb_f_56_7b)fol. 7b ‎)‎ liturgical pieces for פסח in shorthand writing‎,‎ mostly with vowel points‎,‎ beg‎.‎ ויקול מה נֿשֿ הֿלֿיֿ הֿזֿ מכ הלֵ
f Location 12b. (MS_Heb_f_56_12b)(fol. 12b) fragments, mostly illegible, of a deed, in Arabic relating to a transfer of property‎,‎ drawn up at Cairo ‎(‎date cut off‎)‎ before מצליח הכהן
g Location 13b. (MS_Heb_f_56_13b)(fol. 13b) an account in Arabic beg‎.‎ missing‎,‎ of an injustice done by one אבן אבו אלשׁגֿאע ‎,‎ dated 1431 Sel. ‎=‎ 1120 A.D. ‎,‎ on the evidence of the daughter of יוסף בן אלחכים ‎;‎ it continues on ff‎.‎ Location 14a. (MS_Heb_f_56_14a)14a ‎,‎ Location 15b. (MS_Heb_f_56_15b)15b ‎,‎ Location 16a. (MS_Heb_f_56_16a)16 ‎,‎ Location 17b. (MS_Heb_f_56_17b)17b ‎,‎ Location 18a. (MS_Heb_f_56_18a)18a ‎,‎ Location 19a. (MS_Heb_f_56_19a)19a ‎;‎
h Location 14b. (MS_Heb_f_56_14b)(fol. 14b) fragment of a marriage contract dated ‎.‎‎.‎‎7‎‎6‎ Sel‎.‎ at Fostat ‎;‎ the man‎’‎s name is ... מר̇ור̇ מרדכי הלוי הזקן היקר ש̇צ̇ בן מר̇ור̇ סעדיה ... ‎,‎ the woman‎’‎s name is cut off
i Location 16b. (MS_Heb_f_56_16b)(fol. 16b) end of a document dated the ‎2‎nd decade of Elul‎,‎ 1440 Sel. ‎=‎ 1129 A.D. ‎,‎ before ... [ראש] ישיבת ... בן מרנ̇ ורבנ̇ יהודה הזקן הנכבד נ̇ע̇ ‎,‎ signed by ‎,‎ ... [ב]רבי נתנאל הלוי and witnessed by נתן הכהן בר שלמה הכהן נ̇ע̇ ‎,‎ חייא בר̇ יצ[חק] ‎,‎ נתן ביר̇ שמואל החבר
k Location 17b. (MS_Heb_f_56_17b)(fol. 17) fragment of a will or disposition of property no names or date remaining
l Location 18b. (MS_Heb_f_56_18b)(fol.18b) fragment, mostly illegible, of a bill of divorce at the beg‎.‎ is the name of אדוננו נשיאנו מלכינו דניאל הנשיא הגדול ‎.‎


  • Some scribbling on ff‎.‎ Location 5b. (MS_Heb_f_56_5b)5b ‎,‎ Location 13a. (MS_Heb_f_56_13a)13a ‎,‎ Location 15a. (MS_Heb_f_56_15a)15a ‎,‎ Location 19b. (MS_Heb_f_56_19b)19b ‎.‎


  • Bible. Exodus. in shorthand.
  • Calendars, and treatises on them.
  • Deeds. Conveyances.
  • Deeds. Divorce.
  • Deeds. Marriage.
  • Deeds. Various.
  • Deeds. Various. Arabic.
  • Deeds. Wills.
  • Letters. Arabic.
  • Liturgy. פסח.
  • Shorthand.
  • Targum. Onqelos: Exodus.