Volume: MS. Heb. c. 28

MS. Heb. c. 28/49 contains:


MS. Heb. c. 28/49

Gregorian: 998

Cowley Catalogue number: 2876

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MS. Heb. c. 28

Physical Description:

Oriental char‎.‎‎;‎ paper ‎,‎ much injured‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. Prof. Sayce, 1896 (from the Genizah).

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Deed, in Arabic


49a - 49b
49a 49b


Main language: Judeo-Arabic.


  • beg‎.‎ missing‎,‎ apparently the confirmation of a will before the Beth-din hag-gadol‎,‎ which comprised מר̇ור̇ שרירא ראש מתיבתה and מר̇ור̇ חנניה ר̇ מת̇ ‎,‎ and met in Marḥeshwan, 1309 (Sel.) ‎=‎ 998 A.D. at Baghdad בשוקא עתיקא ‎.‎ There appeared before them מ̇ר̇ חביב בן מ̇ר̇ אסמ[עיל] and מר̇ עלי בן מ̇ר̇ דויד אלשאמי ‎,‎ who explained the contents of the will‎,‎ and נחום בן ר̇ הרון אלבאעלבכי and אברהם הכהן בן סהל בן צגרי ‎.‎ The court ordered the will to be carried out‎.‎
  • Signed‎,‎ נחמיה בן אברהם and סעדיה בן שלום ‎.‎ Countersigned by Sherira‎.‎
  • Verso‎,‎ blank‎.‎


  • Beth-din hag-gadol (at Baghdad).
  • Deeds. Wills. Arabic.