Volume: MS. Heb. a. 1

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MS. Heb. a. 1/2

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MS. Heb. a. 1

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Germ‎.‎ squ‎.‎ char‎.‎ ‎(‎probably end of the ‎1‎‎2‎th century‎)‎ ‎;‎ ‎3‎ coll‎.‎‎,‎ fol‎.‎‎,‎ vellum ‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. G. J. Chester, 1890-1 (from the Genizah).

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Biblical fragments


3a - 13b
3a 13b


Main language: Hebrew.

α 2 Chronicles Location from 3a to 8b. (MS. Heb. a. 1/2_3a)fol. 3 :
a ‎(‎ Location from 3a to 5b. (MS_Heb_a_1_3a)fol. 3 ‎)‎ ‎2‎ Chronicles xx‎.‎ ‎3‎‎4‎ ‎(‎הראשנים‎)‎ to xxv‎.‎ ‎1‎‎5‎ ‎(‎את עמם‎)‎
b ‎(‎ Location from 6a to 8b. (MS_Heb_a_1_6a)fol. 6 ‎)‎ ‎2‎ Chronicles xxix‎.‎ ‎1‎ ‎(‎וחמש‎)‎ to xxxii‎.‎ ‎2‎‎4‎ ‎(‎יחזקיהו‎)‎
β Location 9a. (MS_Heb_a_1_9a)fol. 9 Esther ix. 12 (לאסתר) to end
γ Psalms Location from 9b to 13b. (MS. Heb. a. 1/2_9b)fol. 9b :
a ‎(‎ Location from 9b to 10b. (MS_Heb_a_1_9b)fol. 9b ‎)‎ Psalms i‎.‎ ‎1‎ to vii‎.‎ ‎6‎ ‎(‎חיי‎)‎
b ‎(‎ Location from 11a to 13b. (MS_Heb_a_1_11a)fol. 11 ‎)‎ Psalms xvii‎.‎ ‎1‎‎2‎ ‎(‎כאריה‎)‎ to xxviii‎.‎ ‎3‎‎,‎ MS‎.‎ xxvii ‎(‎ועם‎)‎‎.‎
Note The divisions are marked for the Psalms‎,‎ no number for Ps‎.‎ i‎:‎ Ps‎.‎ ii is in the MS‎.‎ i‎.‎ Many omissions supplied on the margins by a later hand‎.‎


  • The two Masorahs‎,‎ sometimes fuller than in the editions ‎(‎see Location 3a. (MS_Heb_a_1_3a)fol. 3 to xxi‎.‎ ‎2‎‎)‎‎.‎ At end of ‎2‎‎3‎rd ‎(‎MS‎.‎ ‎2‎‎2‎nd‎)‎ Psalm are the words עד כאן ביום ראשון ‎;‎ all with vowel points and accents‎.‎


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