MS. Heb. c. 28/62

Cowley Catalogue number: 2876

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MS. Heb. c. 28

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Oriental char‎.‎‎;‎ paper ‎,‎ stained and injured‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. Prof. Sayce, 1896 (from the Genizah).

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Probate of a will


62a - 62b
62a 62b


The main language is Judeo-Arabic. Other languages included: Hebrew.


  • obate of a will‎,‎ in Arabic with a Hebrew introduction‎,‎ before עלי החבר ב̇ס̇ג̇ בן כ̇ג̇ק̇ מר̇ עמרם נ̇ע̇ ‎,‎ showing that the signatories‎,‎ together with אבו אלעלא יוסף אבן עבר ללה ‎,‎went to see the late מפרג אבן חסין אבן שעיב before his death‎,‎ and found him in full possession of his faculties‎:‎ they certify that the will represents his wishes as to the disposition of his property‎,‎ and request that it be confirmed‎.‎
  • The names of the witnesses to the will are והי[ב] אבן חסן ‎,‎ אבן אבו יעקוב ‎,‎ נציר ... ‎,‎ ... בן שלימן ‎,‎ משה בן יפת ‎,‎ שלמה אבן חסן ‎.‎
  • On the verso משה אלחזן בר יפת certifies to the writing ‎(‎of the will ‎?‎‎)‎ and עלי הלוי בר עמרם countersigns‎.‎


  • Deeds. Wills. Arabic.
  • Ḥusain b. Shuʿaib. Will.
  • Mufarrij b. Ḥusain b. Shuʿaib. Will.