MS. Heb. c. 28/65

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MS. Heb. c. 28

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Oriental char‎.‎‎;‎ paper ‎,‎ injured‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. Prof. Sayce, 1896 (from the Genizah).

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Letter, in Arabic with a Hebrew introduction


65a - 65b
65a 65b


The main language is Judeo-Arabic. Other languages included: Hebrew.


  • from נתן הכהן בן מבורך ס̇ט̇ to מר̇ור̇ עלי הנהן בן מר̇ור̇ חיים הכהן ת̇נ̇צ̇ב̇ה̇ ‎.‎ ‎'‎In my last letter to you I mentioned among other things that the ראש גולה had written to מר אברהם החזן ש̇צ̇ as to his duties‎.‎ The ḥazan afterwards came to me about it‎,‎ with the elders of the congregation‎,‎ and affirmed his devotion to his work and to the orders of the ...ר̇ג̇ ‎'‎ At the end is a copy of a letter addressed to הכהן אבו סעד ביר̇ פינחס נ̇ע̇ ‎.‎ Many names mentioned‎.‎
  • Verso‎,‎ address only‎.‎


  • Letters.
  • Letters. Arabic.
  • Nathan (kohen) b. Mebhorakh. Letter.