MS. Heb. d. 33/6

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MS. Heb. d. 33

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Syr‎.‎ squ‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ ‎8‎vo‎,‎ vellum ‎.‎


Bought from the Rev. G. J. Chester, 1891 (from the Genizah).

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Masoretic fragment


14a - 15b
14a 15b


Main language: Hebrew.

a Location 14a. (MS_Heb_d_33_14a)fol. 14 Masoretic chapter enumerating the cases in which ירד is used with על, and הלך with על followed by כמל גמיע מא ינבגי כתאבתה פי אול ספר ואלה שמות ואלדי יתלו דלך מן מאסרה וכלף בן אשר ובן נפתלי וקרי וכת̇ פי אכרה ‎;‎
b Location 14b. (MS_Heb_d_33_14b)fol. 14b the סדרים of Exodus to xxvi. 31
c Location 15a. (MS_Heb_d_33_15a)fol. 15 the differences between ben-Asher and ben-Naftali on Exodus xviii. 1 to xxxix. 21


  • Lectionary. Rules for Pentateuch lessons.
  • Masorah, separate.