MS. Heb. f. 18 contains:


MS. Heb. f. 18

Cowley Catalogue number: 2791

Physical Description:

Syr‎.‎ Rabb‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ ‎8‎vo‎,‎ paper ‎.‎

Ff‎.‎ ‎6‎‎7‎ ‎(‎some blank‎)‎‎.‎


Bought through the Rev. G. J. Chester, 1890 (from the Genizah).


Manuscript description based on Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, vol. ii, by Adolf Neubauer and Arthur Ernest Cowley, Oxford 1906, No. 2791.

Catalogue Section:

  • Polemics

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The main language is Judeo-Arabic. Other languages included: Hebrew.

1 Location from 1a to 33a. (MS_Heb_f_18_1a)Fol. 1 An Arabic treatise in defence of the Rabbanitic belief in an oral law, against the Karaites beg‎.‎ missing‎.‎ After having spoken of Anan‎'‎s controversy‎,‎ the author proves from passages in the Bible that a tradition must have existed besides the written law‎.‎ At the end there is a discussion as to the month Ve-Adar‎.‎ The colophon ‎(‎ Location 33a. (MS_Heb_f_18_33a)fol. 33 ‎)‎ says that the book was finished ‎(‎ נגמר הספר הזה ‎,‎ the composition or the copy‎?‎‎)‎ on the 1st of Elul, 4872 A.M. ‎=‎ 1112 A.D. ‎,‎ for ‎(‎לכבוד‎)‎ R‎.‎ Joseph, son of Rebiʿah hak-Kohen ‎.‎
2 Location from 33b to 36b. (MS_Heb_f_18_33b)Fol. 33b On the number of letters in the Biblical books with Talmudic sayings as to the authors of the books‎.‎
3 Mishnah to be recited on various occasions 37a)37a - 50b)50b :
a ‎(‎ Location 37a. (MS_Heb_f_18_37a)fol. 37 ‎)‎ פרק לילי שבת ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ במה מדליקין ‎;‎
b ‎(‎ Location 38a. (MS_Heb_f_18_38a)fol. 38 ‎)‎ ליום ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ אילו דברים שאין להם שיעור ‎,‎ followed by prayers‎;‎
c ‎(‎ Location 39a. (MS_Heb_f_18_39a)fol. 39 ‎)‎ פרק לילי פסח ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ ערב פסחים סמוך למנחה ‎;‎
d ‎(‎ Location 40b. (MS_Heb_f_18_40b)fol. 40b ‎)‎ לילי ויושע ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ ביצה שנולדה ‎;‎
e ‎(‎ Location 42a. (MS_Heb_f_18_42a)fol. 42 ‎)‎ לילי חג השבועות ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ כיצד מפרישין את הביכורים ‎;‎
f ‎(‎ Location 43b. (MS_Heb_f_18_43b)fol. 43b ‎)‎ ראש השנה ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ ארבעה ראשי שנים ‎;‎
g ‎(‎ Location 45a. (MS_Heb_f_18_45a)fol. 45 ‎)‎ לילי כיפור ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ יום הכיפורים אסור ‎;‎
h ‎(‎ Location 46b. (MS_Heb_f_18_46b)fol. 46b ‎)‎ לילי סוכה ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ סוכה שהיא גבוהה ‎;‎
i ‎(‎ Location 48a. (MS_Heb_f_18_48a)fol. 48 ‎)‎ לילי שמיני עצרת ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ החליל ה̇ ‎.‎
Note At the end ‎(‎ Location 50a. (MS_Heb_f_18_50a)fol. 50 ‎)‎ כמל בעון אלרחמן ... ‎.‎
4 Arabic treatises 51a)51a - 52b)52b :
a ‎(‎ Location 51a. (MS_Heb_f_18_51a)fol. 51 ‎)‎ נסכה קלע אלאתאר ‎,‎ recipes for cleaning cloth‎;‎
b ‎(‎ Location 52a. (MS_Heb_f_18_52a)fol. 52 ‎)‎ on the planets‎,‎ beg‎.‎ הדה אשכאל אלכואכב ומערפה עקאקיר אלמרמוז עליהא ‎.‎
Blank leaves and some scribbling from Location from 53a to 58b. (MS_Heb_f_18_53a)ff. 53 to 58 ‎.‎
5 Location from 58b to 67b. (MS_Heb_f_18_58b)Fol. 58b An index of verses for the Sidras headed פהרסת פואסיק והלכות על פרשיות התורה ‎,‎ beg‎.‎ בראשית. שמע אלי ... וכת̇ ברכי נפשי ... וכת̇ יי̇ בחכמה ... בדבר יי̇ ... תנן אין דורשין בעריות incomplete‎,‎ ends with ראה‎.‎


  • Calendars, and treatises on them. Arabic.
  • Controversial treatises. Arabic.
  • Masoretic notes and treatises.
  • Mishnah. Extracts.
  • Talmud, Babli. Extracts.
  • Liturgy. Various fragments.
  • Astronomical fragments. Arabic.
  • Recipe for cleaning cloth. Arabic.
  • Lectionary. Index of verses in the Sidras. (Arabic).
  • Sidras, index of verses in. (Arabic).