MS. Heb. d. 38 contains:


MS. Heb. d. 38

Cowley Catalogue number: 2702

Physical Description:

Germ‎.‎ squ‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ ‎4‎to‎,‎ vellum ‎.‎

Ff‎.‎ ‎4‎‎9‎‎.‎


Bought from the Rev. G. J. Chester, 1891 (from the Genizah).


Manuscript description based on Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, vol. ii, by Adolf Neubauer and Arthur Ernest Cowley, Oxford 1906, No. 2702.

Catalogue Section:

  • Liturgical fragments

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Siddur German rite


1a - 49b
1a 49b


Main language: Hebrew.

beg‎.‎ Shaharit הופיע הנשא שופט to ‎(‎ Location 12b. (MS_Heb_d_38_12b)fol. 12b ‎)‎ יוצר אור ובורא ‎;‎
Location from 13a to 27b. (MS_Heb_d_38_13a)fol. 13 beg‎.‎ מתנשאים לעמת שרפים ‎;‎
Location from 27b to 29a. (MS_Heb_d_38_27b)fol. 27b Maarib‎,‎ lacuna from לעולם ועד to ‎(‎ Location 28a. (MS_Heb_d_38_28a)fol. 28 ‎)‎ בתהומות טבעו ‎;‎
Location from 29b to 32b. (MS_Heb_d_38_29b)fol. 29b לערב שבת ‎;‎
Location from 33a to 45b. (MS_Heb_d_38_33a)fol. 33 נשמת to ‎(‎ Location 45b. (MS_Heb_d_38_45b)fol. 45b ‎)‎ beg‎.‎ of אתה חוננתנו ‎;‎
סליחות Location from 46a to 49b. (MS. Heb. d. 38_46a)Fol. 46 :
a beg‎.‎ missing‎,‎ ends הוצק חן בשפתותיך ‎;‎
b ‎(‎in MS‎.‎ no‎.‎ ‎2‎‎1‎‎)‎ אמת ראש דברך ‎(‎Zunz‎,‎ p‎.‎ ‎2‎‎9‎‎7‎‎)‎‎,‎ headed‎,‎ by a later hand‎,‎ לרבינו מנחם בר יעקב ‎;‎
c ‎(‎MS‎.‎ ‎2‎‎2‎‎)‎ אשר נשמה באפו ‎,‎ same heading‎;‎
d ‎(‎MS‎.‎ ‎2‎‎3‎‎)‎ תפילה לקדמך ‎(‎Zunz‎,‎ p‎.‎ ‎2‎‎5‎‎4‎‎)‎‎,‎ headed לרבינו שלמה בר יצחק ‎;‎
e ‎(‎MS‎.‎ ‎2‎‎4‎‎)‎ מה יתאונן ‎,‎ heading as b ‎,‎ incomplete‎.‎


  • Vowel points and accents for Biblical passages‎.‎


  • Liturgy. Siddur. German rite.
  • Menahem b. Jacob.
  • Rite of Germany.
  • Solomon b. Isaac (Rashi).