MS. Heb. c. 53/10

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MS. Heb. c. 53

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On fols‎.‎ Location from 73a to 73b. (MS_Heb_c_53_10_73a)73 ‎,‎ Location from 74a to 74b. (MS_Heb_c_53_10_74a)74 ‎,‎ Location from 76a to 76b. (MS_Heb_c_53_10_76a)76 the ink has soaked through the paper and some spaces are consequently left blank of the verso‎.‎

Span‎.‎ Rabb‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ paper ‎,‎ ‎1‎‎0‎ ‎3‎‎/‎‎4‎ x ‎7‎ ‎3‎‎/‎‎4‎ in‎.‎‎,‎ ‎3‎‎0‎ lines‎,‎ slightly stained and injured‎.‎


Acquired by exchange from C. D. Ginsburg, ultimately from the Genizah.

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Fragment of the מגן אבות of Simeon Duran


65a - 76b
65a 76b


Main language: Hebrew.

a the preface as in ed. Livorno, 1785, fol. 2 line 9 from below to fol. 2b, 3rd line from the end of the preface;
b ‎(‎ Location from 66a to 66b. (MS_Heb_c_53_66a)fol. 66 ‎)‎ as ed‎.‎ fol‎.‎ ‎4‎ line ‎3‎‎2‎ to fol‎.‎ ‎4‎b l‎.‎ ‎1‎‎8‎‎;‎
c ‎(‎ Location from 67a to 67b. (MS_Heb_c_53_67a)fol. 67 ‎)‎ as ed‎.‎ fol‎.‎ ‎2‎‎1‎b line ‎1‎‎0‎ to line ‎1‎‎2‎ from below‎;‎ one leaf is missing here‎;‎
d ‎(‎ Location from 68a to 68b. (MS_Heb_c_53_68a)fol. 68 ‎)‎ as ed‎.‎ fol‎.‎ ‎2‎‎2‎ line ‎2‎‎1‎ to l‎.‎ ‎3‎ from below‎;‎
e ‎(‎ Location from 69a to 76b. (MS_Heb_c_53_69a)fols. 69-76 ‎)‎ as ed‎.‎ fol‎.‎ ‎5‎‎1‎b line ‎1‎‎9‎ to fol‎.‎ ‎5‎‎4‎ l‎.‎ ‎3‎‎9‎‎.‎


  • Simeon Duran.