MS. Syr. c. 15 (P) contains:


MS. Syr. c. 15 (P)

Cowley Catalogue number: 2663

Physical Description:

Syr‎.‎ squ‎.‎ Rabb‎.‎ char‎.‎‎;‎ ‎2‎ coll‎.‎‎,‎ fol‎.‎‎,‎ vellum ‎,‎ obliterated and injured‎.‎

F‎.‎ ‎1‎‎.‎


From the Genizah (1892?).


Manuscript description based on Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, vol. ii, by Adolf Neubauer and Arthur Ernest Cowley, Oxford 1906, No. 2663.

Catalogue Section:

  • Talmud and commentaries

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Mishnah Location from 1a to 2b. (MS. Syr. c. 15 (P)_1a)Fols. 1, 2 :
Location from 1a to 2b. (MS_Syr_c_15(P)_1a)Fols. 1, 2 Mishnah בכורות i. 1 to iv. 4 Text continued on MS. Syr. c. 16 (P)
Location 1a. (MS_Syr_c_15(P)_1a)Fol. 1 Mishnah חולין xii. 3 to xii. 5 Continuation of MS. Syr. c. 16 (P)
Location from 1a to 2b. (MS_Syr_c_15(P)_1a)Fols. 1, 2 Palimpsest of fragments of the Palestinian-Syriac translation of passages of the Epistles to Timothy and Titus See Anecdota Oxoniensa‎,‎ Semitic Series‎,‎ vol‎.‎ i‎.‎ part v‎,‎ Oxford ‎1‎‎8‎‎9‎‎3‎ Palestinian Syriac



  • Bible. Versions. Anonymous. Palestinian Syriac. Timothy and Titus.
  • Mishnah. חולין.
  • Mishnah. בכורות.
  • Palestinian Syriac fragments.
  • Palimpsest fragments.